Measurning Equipments and Testing Laboratory

Measurning Equipments and Testing Laboratory

SINT Technology is a company specialized in residual stress analysis, diagnostic measurements and production of measuring equipments.

Measurements can be applied to stress, vibration, noise, emissions, thermodynamic performance of machinery and plants.

The company is located in Italy, near Florence and it is in business since 1990: the staff is composed by 30 engineering technicians, trained and qualified in measurement, analysis and diagnostics.

Thanks to this long experience in measurement and testing and in collaboration with research centers and universities, SINT Technology has created a strong training department.

Strain gauge measurement courses and examinations for first and second-level certification for electrical resistance strain gauge testing engineers, are regurlary held.

SINT training centre is the only one recognised in Italy by CIC-CPND, the Italian Coordination Centre for Non-Destructive Testing. 


SINT Technology has exclusive competence in Strain gage residual stress measurements even in complex applications.

Measure of residual stress extends to the most different applications, wherever you need a special sensitivity and accuracy: complex structures of steel and metal alloys, conglomerate structures, plastic and composite materials.

SINT technology developed also dedicated systems for the measurement of residual stresses and to evaluate the resistance of materials to drilling.