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Specialist in Residual Stress Measurements &
Production of Measuring Systems

Measurement Services

SINT Technology provide a wide range of strain measurement services both on its own laboratory and on site. Those tests are not restricted only to industries, ma whenever a particular sensitivity and meticulous measurement practice is requested.

Machine and plant performances measurements

SINT Technology provides a complete service for measuring and analysing machine and plant performance. Most of those measurement services involve Oil and Gas industries and equipment and plants for the electrical power generation like Gas and steam turbine; centrifugal, axial and reciprocating compressors; Centrifugal pumps; Condensers; Boilers and Regenerators; Electric power plants and so on.

Performace tests, data logging and monitoring are all include test design engineering, supply of measuring instrumentation, real time technical calculations, installation of sensors, data acquisition. Measurement services are always carried out by specialized engineers.

Performance tests are usually done to measure power, performance, greenhouse gas effluents, noise emission of machine and plants.

Noise and sound intensity measurements

SINT Technology provide complete measurements of acoustic emissions to the atmosphere; noise analysis, diagnosis and study of possible corrective actions; measurement by the sound level or sound intensity methods.

An accurate noise measurement is essential to verify the compliance with design specifications and statutory requirements for all industries. Moreover is truly important to do an accurate and detailed evaluation of the risk of exposure to noise in workplaces in conformity with Legislative Decree 81/08 (see brochure).

Vibration measurements

SINT Technology provides various services in the vibration measurements and analysis field.
One of this is the evaluation of the risk of exposure to vibration in WORKING ENVIRONMENTS, where specific methodologies are used to identify and the risks associated with hand-arm vibration (HAV) and whole-body vibration (WBV).

Equally important is the issue of vibrations in buildings, which has become increasingly more important, due to the new structural type of modern buildings, lighter and…

Other services include:

  1. Diagnostics of rotating and reciprocating machinery
  2. Rotor trim balancing
  3. Measurement and analysis of torsional vibration
  4. Theoretical analysis of the critical speeds of a rotor (lateral analysis)
  5. Advanced experimental modal analysis

Reciprocating compressor diagnostics

SINT Technology has developed data acquisition and diagnostics systems for reciprocating compressors. The company offers specific and consolidated procedures for development of monitoring activities applied to reciprocating compressors in industrial service.

SINT Technology diagnostic services include measurement of absolute pressure, measurement and analysis of vibration, measurement and analysis of pressure pulsations, measurement and analysis of torque and torsional vibration, Experimental modal analysis, Troubleshooting and more.

Torque and torsional vibration analysis

SINT Technology provides torque measurements, used to evaluate transmitted mechanical power, and torsional vibration analysis, used to identify existing anomalies during operation of a machine that can lead to damage of the rotating parts.

Torsional vibrations determine the stresses that overlap with those determined by the normal rotational motion.
Both Torque and torsional torsional vibration are measured with a telemetry data transmission systems.
Those system have an easy and quick installation and guarantee an accurate transmission of signals of very low level.

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